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Stealth Alternative controls

Alternative Controls
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Alternative Controls

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The Pro Series i‑Drive Head Control System is our most adjustable head array. It comes standard with two swing-aways, three proximity sensor pads, and an egg switch for mode change/reset. Stealth's i‑Drive is styled to be sleek and unobtrusive, designed so you can see the client, not the hardware.

The Ultra Pro is customizable and can be optimized to the client's needs. The standard set-up includes three proximity pads and a switch, but is expandable to four proximity pads and four switches, making the Ultra Pro i‑Drive the most adaptive head array on the market.

Our Head Array Advantage

The advanced electronics and programming isn't the only thing that makes Stealth's i‑Drive unique. With our head array you are able to customize the pads in order to match your seating system, wheelchair, or your client's personality.

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